Helping businesses grow faster

Innovative payment and data analytics solutions that work for you and your business.

Professional Support

Dedicated staff on-hand
Let Datman LTD give you a hand on any problem you encounter, Datman LTD support staff are ready and waiting.

In-depth Statistics & Analytics

Montior and improve
Statistics are often undervalued and thought of as being unimportant.

Completely Safe & Secure

Highly Secure transactions
All transactions and data is processed through highly secure channels using the highest levels of data encryption.

Online Card Processing

No need for a terminal
Clients will be inclined to prefer your services over other companies with the online card processing feature.

Data Analysis Services

Datman Ltd offer online order processing services and data analysis to businesses throughout Europe, Datman LTD are experts in online card processing and data management. Datman LTD help business owners across the country achieve unbeatable rates and excellent service.

Additionally, Datman LTD also analyse all your statically data thoroughly, ensuring you are receiving the best service for your business and will supply recommendations on which customers you should target, and what promotional offers to send.