Analytics & Statistics

Statistics are often undervalued and thought of as being unimportant. But for every company or business that wants a clear display of their evolution and efficiency, the feature is essential.

What can we do for you?

All of our customer’s data is analysed to ensure they are receiving the best possible service for their business needs. This service is provided / available for every customer, without any restrictions or specific requirements. We make sure all statistical data is displayed and explained in an easily digestible format, ensuring it is simple to analyse, straight-forward to see results, and identify areas for improvement.

Our dedicated team will always be on hand to answer any questions or detailed statistical queries regarding your data, so you can rest assured we have experts on-hand helping you every step of the way.

Benefits of Statistics

Using statistical data can help guide your future decisions to ensure you achieve the best possible results for your business. This statistical data can also be used to identify future and historical trends enabling to you foresee future issues, with may provide a negative or positive impact on your business and typical trading.The statistics can also ensure peace of mind, letting you know your business is running smoothly and you’re on track with your targets.

What areas are covered by Statistics?

One of the most important things to be taken into consideration when dealing with a customer and product selling is to figure out the clients’ most preferred ordering methods. In this regard, we specialise in providing accurate information on how many customers enjoy placing their orders online and how many resort to phone calls.

Another thing to lay your eyes on is oriented towards sold items. How many items did you sell? What kind of items are in great demand? What items go unnoticed? This information is essential as it helps you evaluate the number of products sold and their type. Statistics are very efficient in this regard because it can show you at any time the item that enjoys greatest popularity from your clientele, as well as items that are ignored or not sold at all.

Did you notice that sometimes your company is overcome by clients, and sometimes there is a very small number of people crossing your threshold? Statistics will show you weekly and monthly busy hours or busy days so that you will never be caught by surprise by a large number of clients. Plan your working hours so as to meet the requirements of a busy day, and take action to attract customers during those days that are shown to attract fewer clients.